Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Spring times, the best time...

Hello hello!!

So excited that spring is finally here!!!-haven't we all waited long enough?! Makes me want to quit work and just be an 'outdoors' person!- of course pimms to be mostly I involved! I've been upto a few exciting things since my last blog...:

1. I got myself a new job in London (yippee big move on its way, full of nerves, excitement... Oh and having to remember to buy milk for myself!)

2. Janette (the original Miss Greenwood) and myself got a little bit crafty with her class full of children with a secret project in mind. This mainly involved us having a vast amount of fun (definitely me) with 5 year olds... Pictures to follow but it's not all finished yet- hope you can guess what it'll be!!

3. And finally, creating a humungus todo list full of everything that I can think of to make for my soon to be new (shoebox) room: a quilt, cushion covers, anything with lavender in, maybe bunting... Ahh the list goes on and is so exciting!!!

So just thought I'd write a small post to share in my excitement!! And will be getting serious on getting my head down and my hook a hooking!!!


Fiona xx

Oh yes and I finished the bunting for Janette's spare room and it looks delicious!!!!