Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Growing obsessions and General Prettifying...

This weekend I once again travelled to the great Richmond city to stay with Janette! We had a vast amount of things planned, as we always do!!... On this particular weekend we planned another visit to the 'Knit and Stitch Show' dreaming of exotic wool, assorted buttons and new ventures we would come across. Unfortunately, Janette became a little under the weather and so we missed this to make her all better- I will here apologise as my nursing skills were quite unsympathetic owing to it being my day off... I did however muster up the energy for a few hot water bottles and some honey tea.

I instead used this time to immerse myself in well earned crochet patterns/ tutorials, bright wool that Janette had bought and grand ideas of how I could decorate her spare room (which I have now for all purposes made my own!!).

Now I am well aware of my obsessive nature and crochet has gradually shot up to one of my all time favourites. This week I have returned to the blog 'Bunny Mummy' (see the link in the last blog post) and I fell in love all over again with her simple tutorials and beautiful bright designs that fitted perfectly with my prettifying needs!! - Check out the links so you can also celebrate her genius!

So this is where the weekend lead me, with hanging hearts and the start of some crochet bunting... I even learnt how to block!!!

Many people I'm sure would agree that this in itself was a recipe for a cosy, lush weekend but I was spoilt even more and the Little Misses Three joined forces to go visit Harry Potter at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. This topped off everything and I regressed to being as excited and enthusiastic as a five year old, once again Janette and Kirsty were forced to indulge this.

So all in all one amazing long weekend and so I wish that you are all inspired to get hooking especially now that spring has finally popped in and looks as though it could be persuaded to stick around!!!

Fiona Xx

Hanging Hearts Tutorial: http://bunnymummy-jacquie.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/simple-sunburst-crochet-heart.html
Bunting Tutorial: http://bunnymummy-jacquie.blogspot.co.uk/2010/05/colourful-crochet-bunting.html
Blocking Instructions: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-block-crochet-or-knitting-with-spray-starch.html

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy Feet!

Don't you just love Bank Holiday Weekends/ Easter Holidays (for all you teachers out there!)??!!  I travelled to Stratford Upon Avon to spend a lovely weekend with the family.  Fiona and I took the opportunity to sit on my bed and get some much needed crocket time in - we even managed to get Kirsty (the youngest Little Miss) involved!  I think she may have caught the hooky bug!  You can also see the progress of my Neat Ripple Blanket on my lap too!

We enjoyed a fabulous Easter Egg Hunt with the little girls from next door - the Easter Bunny (Dad!) doing his famous trick of stealing the eggs we've found and then re-hiding them!  And as usual, then can't remember where he hid the last few - there's always one or two that appear sometime in June!
After the most AMAZING Easter lunch, we set off back upstairs to complete our little project!  Myself and Fiona are avid followers of the Attic24 blog and we were inspired by this post and the cutest owls we have ever seen.  Lucy had originally found the pattern from another deliciously inspiring blog Bunny Mummy.
This was our effort after several hours of crocheting...

We followed the beautiful, photi-laden tutorial and didn't they turn out beautifully?!
We did add two cute liitle feet to them - it helped them stand up a bit better.
I will post the pattern for the feet later on today - when I can find where I wrote it down! 
Janette x