Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dusting away the cobwebs...

Hello bloggers/ autumn/ almost winter... I could go on!

Now I do realise that the poor little misses three blog has got a bit dusty with a few months of neglect but it was all in a good cause! Many exciting things have been happening since we last posted!

I have moved up to London with a brand new and spanking nursing job- hence I have had to be buried back in the books for a small period 

And... More excitingly...

The oldest little miss and myself were asked if we would like to be involved in a handmade craft fair! Without hesitation we got busy and relished the fact we could surround ourselves in all out delicious wool/ fabrics!!

Here's just a sneak peek but once we have got our patterns sorted we'll be blogging away so stay posted!! 

We're also working on Christmas goodies which is ridiculously exciting- especially being a Christmas junkie myself!!

Happy crafting 

Fiona x

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