Saturday, 26 January 2013

New Year, New Blog...

Following copious amounts of alcohol on New Year's Eve and a love of all things homemade, an idea to create a blog allowing us to share this interest with people alike came about...and so was born 'Little Misses Three'.

We are three sisters, that have a love of making and learning new things in common- be it sewing, knitting or cooking, although we have very different careers. The eldest Little Miss, Janette, is a primary school teacher whose classroom is always filled with colours and fun activities, sometimes influenced by our current projects. Then there is me, Fiona, I'm a nurse who enjoys creating on my days off, which is usually fuelled by something Janette has found on our beloved Pinterest!! The littlest Little Miss is Kirsty, who works in retail currently having recently finished university- she makes pretty amazing cakes!

Today, in between setting up the blog and now writing this post, Janette and myself went to watch her boyfriend, B, play rugby, Kirsty is currently working so wasn't able to join us this time but will be joining in through our posts!! Below is a picture of Janette and me at the rugby looking very happy, despite the cold and sadly a loss on our teams part...

Looking forward to the journey and hope you'll be sharing it us with us!

Fiona xx

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