Sunday, 27 January 2013


Hope everyone has had a great weekend! I have been endeavouring to master the art of crochet (as you can see Janette has mastered it quite well, but she is teaching me well!)... I was so excited to actually make something, my own little granny square!!!- definitely have the 'I want to stare at it all the time' feeling....don't you just love that!?!

Luckily I've been staying at Janette's and so have been able to bounce all of my problems to her... I always like someone to talk to over YouTube (however YouTube has got some amazing helpful videos!). I'm thinking that one granny square is just not enough and so I shall be practising and hopefully ending up with a blanket, please feel free to supply any good pattern links I should try out!! Here is the link that I used and it had great step by step tutorials:

On another crafty tone, this weekend I decided to take one of Janette's ideas of a great 3D picture, using a heart stamp and luscious card I got to choose on our outing today. Janette had a bluesy, tan tone where as I went for neutrals... May need to get me a white frame to pick out the colours a bit better.

Anyway I shall be off dreaming of the wool I will soon be purchasing to continue my squares!

Happy crafting!!

Fiona xx

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