Friday, 1 February 2013

Pinch, punch...first of the month!


Hope everyone is nicely geared up for the weekend- I'm sure it's well deserved for all! I am writing this before escaping off to bed for my shifts this weekend (a slight shock it will be having been on annual leave). Since my last post I have been busy lovingly practicing my granny squares, which I have found to be addictive- cant say I wasn't warned by the multiple blogs I had the pleasure to read!!

I was able to go to a local craft store and choose some wool just to kick start it and felt myself rather skilled once I was able to chop and change between my colours, I looked like the Cheshire Cat after just one!! I intend to try and find as many different patterns as everyone proves a new learning curve that I am loving!!

Janette and myself have been on the planning of all our future projects/ sewing adventures and the top of our list is our excitement at the tickets arriving for the 'Spring Knitting and Stitching Show' that is occurring in Earls Court, London, in March. We are dreaming of quilts, all things knitted and luscious exhibitions that we can dive into!!! All details to get involved below!!

We have also been getting the littlest miss motivated to get creating with a little surprise we're hoping she'll be showcasing soon (cannot wait!!)

Below are just two of the patterns I've been trying to perfect and I'm now hunting for the next!

They include: on left, Sunburst Granny Square by Prescilla Hewitt
And the Summer Garden Granny Square by Lucy, Attic24

I do feel I need to get some more colour injected and so will be shop shop shopping soon!! Again any patterns/ colour suggestions let me know!

Happy crafting

Fiona xx

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